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Trauma Registry Resources

The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation trauma registry collects data on seriously injured patients and provides data reporting and analysis. The trauma registry is a complex database of the demographics, injuries, care, and outcomes of trauma patients.

The primary reason the trauma care system was established was to effect improvement in the prevention of trauma and to increase the survival rate of victims when trauma occurs. A statewide monitoring and data collection system achieves this goal.

Below you will find various documents to assist with quality data abstraction:

2021 Virtual Trauma Registry Educational Visits
This PowerPoint includes tips for planning a successful virtual trauma registry educational visit. Please contact Gabrielle Wenger at [email protected] with any questions related to registry educational visits and scheduling.
NTDS Data Dictionary
Click to navigate to the NTDS website to access various NTDB data dictionaries.
Example Registry Timeliness of Submission Control Chart
This example can be used to help you interpret your timeliness of submission control chart and determine if your facility is in compliance with TR-110.
Scores Packet
Analytic Solutions Network (ASN) Factsheet
Information and Options (5-29-2019)
Trauma Registry Policy (TR-106)
Trauma Registry Educational Visits Policy
Trauma Registry Policy (TR-110)
Timeliness of Submission to the Central Site