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Become a Trauma Center

Contact Anna Over, MSN, RN, TCRN, EMT-I, the Manager of Trauma Center Development at PTSF

A trauma system is an organized response to managing and improving the care of severely injured people. It spans the continuum-of-care from prevention and pre-hospital care through acute care and rehabilitation. Rural areas may not have the means to provide this full continuum of resources; therefore, preventable death rates due to trauma in these areas may be considerably higher than urban areas. It has been estimated that such rates could be as high as 85%. This rate can be decreased through an integrated statewide trauma system.

The Trauma Center Accreditation Pursuit Process:

The procedure for becoming an accredited trauma center is the same whether you’re a small center or one of the largest hospitals in Pennsylvania, and includes (some steps may be simultaneous):

All hospitals in the trauma center accreditation pursuit process should be aware of PTSF’s recommendation for the use of Trauma Program Consultants.

Media Notification of Trauma Center Accreditation Status

The Pennsylvania Trauma Systems Foundation disseminates a statewide press release of all accredited trauma centers.

It is vital that accreditation communications come directly from the PTSF first. PTSF suggests that new trauma centers have all hospital media notifications reviewed by PTSF for accuracy prior to publication. Please contact Juliet Altenburg, Executive Director, at (717) 697-5512 with further questions.

A Statewide Trauma System:

  • Makes the delivery of trauma care cost effective
  • Reduces the incidence of inappropriate or inadequate trauma care
  • Prevents unnecessary suffering and reduces the personal and societal burden resulting from trauma

The Goals and Objectives of a Trauma Care System Include:

  • Providing optimal care for the trauma victim
  • Preventing unnecessary death and disability from trauma and emergency illness
  • Conducting trauma prevention activities to decrease the incidence of trauma

You Can Become Part of The Pennsylvania Trauma System!

  • Contact PTSF for an on-site or web-enabled visit to discuss becoming a trauma center
  • Partner with a Level I or Level II Trauma Center

Contact PTSF

Note: Prior to initiating the accreditation pursuit process, PTSF staff are available to visit a hospital and provide education on the trauma center development process including levels of accreditation, the accreditation process, related fees, the value and commitment to performance improvement, and guidance on performing an analysis of resources.