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PA-TQIP Collaborative

Trauma Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) is one of the quality programs from the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT).  TQIP helps to set standards that define the structures and process of care, measures patient outcomes through risk-adjusted benchmarking, promotes best practices, and improves adherence to performance improvement principles.   

PA-TQIP (Pennsylvania TQIP) is one of the earliest statewide collaboratives in the United States and is Pennsylvania’s collaboration of all accredited hospitals amongst the Commonwealth.  All participating hospital systems have signed confidentiality agreements and have access to a shared data report (semi-annual) that provides benchmarking across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to work on our shared mission of optimal outcomes for every injured patient.  

Benefits of TQIP: 

Additional Benefits of the PA-TQIP Collaborative: 

Participation in PA-TQIP Collaborative: 

Once your Level I, II, or Level III trauma center has been officially accredited, you will need to join TQIP and the PA-TQIP Collaborative through the American College of Surgeons (ACS).  PTSF has an additional confidentiality agreement that will need signed by each participant from your center and then you can begin attending collaborative meetings!  All participating trauma centers have three seats in the PA -TQIP Collaborative (TPMD, TPM and one PI Coordinator).  

The TQIP website outlines how to get started with participation in their quality program for Level I and II centers and also for Level III centers.


PA-TQIP Collaborative Meetings

Collaborative Projects Include: 

PA-TQIP Collaborative Leadership Team: 

Our leadership team is comprised of two representatives from the Pennsylvania Committee on Trauma (PACOT), two representatives from the Pennsylvania Trauma Nurse Advisory Council (PATNAC) and two PTSF representatives. We welcome your questions and input into current trends and projects. Please feel free to reach out to our leadership team, via email, through the links below.  

Dr. Raquel Forsythe, PACOT Representative

Dr. Russell Dumire, PACOT Representative

Anthony Martin, PATNAC Representative

Jill Volgraf , PATNAC Representative

Rebecca Geyer, PTSF Director of Performance Improvement

Gabrielle Wenger, PTSF Trauma Registry Specialist

Additional Resources: 

PA TQIP Collaborative Best Practice Management Guideline for VTE Prophylaxis
June 2018 ~ PA TQIP Collaborative Meeting