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Trauma Registry

The importance and value of the trauma registry cannot be over-emphasized its role in the overall objective of coordinated trauma care to reduce death/disability in Pennsylvania.

The trauma registry serves several purposes. It provides:

From the time the Pennsylvania Trauma Outcome Study (PTOS) registry began operation on October 1, 1986, over 1 million trauma patients have been entered into the database.

This data is being utilized by the PTSF for several purposes:

The completeness and accuracy for registry data is imperative when applied to such research projects. For example, completed information regarding the patient’s pre-existing conditions provides insight when examining the patient’s recovery and discharge disability.

As the state trauma registry developed and the volume of trauma patients increased in accredited trauma centers, clear and more concise definitions of data elements were required. Additional data elements were necessary to provide a more useful registry for very experienced trauma registrars who fully support the accredited trauma centers. Therefore, the Trauma Registry Committee was formed for the purpose of revising this manual. Many hours of planning, revising, and consulting are devoted by this committee and PTSF staff to the publication of the PTOS Manual.