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February 26, 2021

We’ve come up on a case that we have some unsure opinions on. We had a 21 year old patient come in after a fall from 6ft off a jump while snowboarding. Of note, he’s been complaining of back and neck pain for a few months, upon his CT scans, there were C4 and C5 fxs. However, it was also found that he has lesions throughout his spine including at the fx sites. Throughout his stay he was found to have Sarcoma. Our neurosurgeons are saying they’re pathological due to the lesions, but there’s argument that while they may have been present due to the lesions, they were probably made worse by the fall. Should these injuries be included?

No, if the injuries are due to the disease then you won’t pick it up. Another example would be osteophytes on a vertebra. You can pick up a fractured vertebra, but not a fractured osteophyte.

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