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March 14, 2022

We have a scenario where a patient had an orbit fracture and transfer was set up to go to an OSF. The team agreed to transfer patient for further evaluation.   The patient left our ED by POV. In following up with the OSF, however, it was identified that the patient did not go to the OSF for further care. I want to record this as a transfer out – all of our records note that the patient’s disposition was OSF, via POV.  However, my Coordinator wants to me to remove the transfer out disposition. PTOS status will be based on this  – Can you please clarify for us?

I agree with you capturing this patient as PTOS and recording them as a transfer out since all of your documentation appears to indicate the patient was to go to the OSF via POV. Starting with 2021 admissions, the requirement for patients to go from one acute care facility to another via EMS or air ambulance was removed. Patients transferred in/out via private vehicle are now included in the transfer in/out criteria. Whether the patient makes it to the OSF or not is out of your control.

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