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June 14, 2021

We had a patient that came in as a possible suicide attempt via hanging but he really didn’t go through with it. He said he chickened out with the hanging but took pills instead. Anyway while in the ER, it was noticed that he had an old wrist lac from a previous suicide attempt via slicing his wrist but he says that he could not find anything sharp enough. We did admit him under medical services for psych eval. We do not know if the attempt with the wrist cutting was within the last 14 days or not. What are your thoughts on this being a PTOS inclusion?

There is currently no flag for the NTDB/TQIP or a check in PTOS that generates if the injury date/time is unknown regarding the 14-day requirement. Therefore, it is the default that patients with unknown injury dates and times are to be considered for inclusion. If the patient has a documented injury that falls within the ICD-10 inclusion code range and meets another portion of the criteria, they should be captured as PTOS.

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