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January 28, 2022

This readmission clarification is giving us a run for our money!! I understand the definition, but I am not understanding the reason for capturing this patient population… I am about to abstract a patient that would fall into this category. ER discharge for a hand lac on 1/18. Returns 2 days later for increased pain and cellulitis. LOS is 10 days for multiple OR sessions for I&D.  In the past we would not include this patient in the registry at all- so in 2022 we are to include?

The reason for this inclusion/exclusion guidance is to ensure consistency statewide. It is our hope that this guidance will eliminate hospitals making differing determinations using variables that are not part of the inclusion criteria.

You only need to pick them up if they still have a qualifying injury diagnosis. If the patient has a diagnosis that falls within the inclusion criteria code range (lacerations are included) and meets another portion of the inclusion criteria (i.e. LOS, ICU admit, etc), they should be captured as PTOS. If the lacerations are resolved and not documented as an “active” or “current” diagnosis, you could exclude the patient because they would not have a diagnosis that falls within the inclusion code range. Note, cellulitis does not fall within our inclusion code range. If just cellulitis is documented, the patient would be excluded.

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