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January 28, 2022

Scenario: Patient presents and is treated in patient for 5 days then passes. The patient suffered hypothermia (T68.XXXA) and abrasions (S00.81XA, S20.91XA) . would we consider this PTOS?

This is a good question. Since the abrasions are not injuries that fall within the accepted PTOS ICD-10-CM code range, this patient should be excluded from PTOS.

Note the following isolated injuries are excluded from PTOS:
S00, S10, S20, S30, S40, S50, S60, S70, S80, S90, *T68, T71.1 and T75.1 are excluded if no other
injuries are present

If the patient would have had hypothermia along with an injury that falls within the ICD-10-CM code range listed in the PTOS inclusion criteria, the patient would be captured as PTOS.

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