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June 14, 2021

Patient was a TX out of our ER to XYZ Hospital, except the patient stated they wanted to stop home before going to XYZ Hospital. Do I count this as an ER discharge and not a TX-out?

If there is documentation and/or an order that the patient is a transfer out and is to report to a receiving facility, PTSF recommends this patient be captured as a transfer out. You may have other transfer out by private vehicle patients that do the same, stop somewhere, they just don’t tell you. It isn’t your responsibility to confirm the patient actually arrived at the receiving facility and when. As long as your facility ordered the transfer, you should capture the patient as a transfer out.

If, however, the direction was for the patient to go for follow- up (a scheduled surgery) later, then PTSF would recommend recording a discharge from the ED to home.

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