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June 14, 2021

Our patient was not a transfer into us, but we can see other hospital EMR’s scanned into care everywhere in Epic. Is it a HIPPA violation to view that other facility chart? Or can we since it is part of care everywhere in Epic? If I can use the other facility chart, what information can I use?

PTSF cannot speak to what you are allowed to access or what the appropriate use is for Care Everywhere in your facility. Proper access and use of an outside facility chart in a shared database in Epic is something you will need to discuss within your facility.

Specific to elements that you might abstract from the previous encounter, you can use pre-existing conditions that are documented if you do have access to outside facility charts. You could also capture referring facility information. Note that these fields are specific to facilities that send the patient directly to you. This can be an acute care hospital or a non-acute care facility, for example, an urgent care or residential facility. For these non-acute care facilities, you must answer NO as a transfer. You also do not want to include information from all facilities and providers. You must only record information regarding the care provided just prior to coming to your facility. EMS information is also something you may have access to within this system. Be sure to record the scene, transport, and/or interhospital transport information appropriately by following the definitions provided in the PTOS Manual.

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