trauma room

For PTOS you should report 17 (Hospice) for discharge destination. We want to capture the level/type of care. You can note “home” in the specify field. Note, the NTDB follows different guidelines in these situations.

Unless you have documentation that suggests the DVT was present on admission, you will capture DVT as a hospital event as long as the definition is met. Note, the patient must also be treated with anticoagulation therapy and/or placement of a vena cava filter or clipping of the vena cava in order to capture the …

There must be documentation of inhalation of gastric contents or other materials and then also documentation of clinical and new radiological findings of pneumonitis which requires treatment within 48 hours.

You are correct. Unless there is documentation that the provider provided appropriate therapy for a urinary tract infection, you will not capture this as a hospital event.

Based on the information provided, AKI should not be reported. The patient did not have an abrupt decrease in kidney function that required the CRRT nor were they diagnosed with an AKI.

If they meet the definition of the occurrence, you will pick it up and report for PTOS. There are no exclusions related to COVID, it can be addressed in review.

The NTDB/TQIP added a new check on their ED Discharge Date/Time element for 2021 admissions. The field cannot be n/a. When I’s are entered in PTOS, it does map to n/a in the ITDX module, which is problematic. For the time being, you must manually change the value for Discharge Order within the ITDX module …

Yes, if it does not meet CAUTI and does meet UTI, pick up UTI.

If this was a missed injury, meaning the injury presented itself but was not identified by the medical team, you would capture the Hospital Event. In the definition, patients with an unplanned operative procedure are captured. Also, even if this bleed didn’t present itself and could not be diagnosed until later in the stay, you …

For patient intubated for airway protection per MD documentation, you would not pick up unplanned intubation.