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Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health — Penn Medicine — Level I Adult Trauma Center


555 N. Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
717-544-5511 (main hospital)
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Lancaster General Health is an accredited Level I Trauma Center serving Lancaster County and its surrounding communities. In response to an emergency, the trauma team at Lancaster General is committed and ready to respond 24/7 to provide optimal trauma care by specially trained doctors, nurses, and surgeons from multiple disciplines. Along with a dedicated trauma team, Lancaster General has dedicated trauma bays in the emergency department, a dedicated operating room / team, and a trauma nursing unit available to provide the most up to date care at a moment’s notice. Trauma care begins at the site of the accident and continues through discharge. Lancaster General has a dedicated team that will care for each patient, from time of injury through recovery and discharge ensuring the highest quality of care along with a smooth transition through every stage of care. Lancaster General continually strives to improve the health of our community, first and foremost through prevention programs. When prevention fails, we will provide the highest quality of care that the trauma team can offer through well-organized access, outstanding medical management, and resource commitment.