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April 26, 2021

We are being told that using the yellow memo field in Collector creates errors and it should not be used. We have used it in the past for minor clarifications without any issues. Are we able to use this memo field or no?

You can absolutely use the yellow memo field after the diagnosis tab in Collector! It is the only memo field that transfers information to PTSF. We often suggest using it to describe unusual scenarios (additional prehospital info, for example), not just for diagnoses. However, please do NOT include any patient or provider identifiers in this free-text field. Use of this memo field does result in errors only if copy and/or paste is used. You cannot use copy/paste functionality in Collector. It may look fine, but when processed at the state, or when the interface is run to v5, errors are the result. Simply avoid copy/paste, and all will be well!

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