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December 22, 2021

If you have a patient that is a transfer and has an admission order but is discharged from the ER because of bed availability, would you have to see if the patient met the other criteria to be a PTOS or just because they were a tx in w/ an admit order makes them a PTOS regardless? I know LOS does not pertain if they do go to the floor and/or ICU but not sure about those that hold in the ER.

The current PTOS patient criteria states that patients that are transferred in but discharged home from the ED should be excluded from PTOS. Even if the patient had an admission order, this is based on physical location of the patient. The patient can be captured as PTOS if they meet another portion of the criteria such as length of stay.

Note, for 2022 admissions, the language I mentioned will be removed from the PTOS inclusion criteria and you will capture the transfer in patient as PTOS even if they are discharged home from the ED.

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