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December 22, 2021

If a patient is seen by Internal Medicine in the ED prior to going to the floor as an admit, should I be collecting this in Others Called to ED section under Acute Care tab?

The only time the Others Called to ED section is required to be used is when the record is determined by your center to be an emergent case. And even in these situations, only specific providers are required to be captured based on those that are required to respond to the patient within a certain amount of time per the Standards of Accreditation. Note, Internal Medicine is not included as a required provider to respond. For all other situations, you can really use the Others Called to ED section to capture provider called and arrived times as your trauma program sees fit.
If you wish to capture Internal Medicine as a consult and they are called and see the patient prior to the patient leaving the ED, you would capture the Internal Medicine consult solely on the ED Response tab under Others Called to ED. The ED phase of care for PTOS is defined as from the time of ED hospital arrival through the time they physically leave the ED.

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