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May 7, 2021

Can cases be closed with yellow fields still blank? (this question will make more sense after reading the next 2 questions). I know the field is there for us to use to clarify internally, but, for the state, do the registrars need to fill in the discharge destination comments field? Same question on Insurance comments field? Can it be left blank when the initial selection requires no clarification?

It depends. Some fields have checks that won’t allow blanks, while others you can pass through.

Registrars may use the discharge destination specify field in specific situations listed in the manual (one example is to enter Home when discharge to SNF which is patient’s residence). Otherwise, can be left blank. This field used to be used for reason and mode of transfer out, but we have specific elements for those now.

Yes, the payor specify fields can be left blank (example: Medicare, with no MCO or other name). Some use these fields to track specific payor info that requires transfer, for example.

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